vs2005 on win7

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Subject: vs2005 on win7
Posted by:  RobcPett…@yahoo.co.uk (RobcPett…@yahoo.co.uk)
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2012

Hi, I've installed vs2005 on win7 with sp1. Followed all info to update to =
use with=20
win7. I'm trying to use a metalib.dll with my project. Basically this opens=
a directory to show metastock files. When I run the program I get System a=
ccess violation. So ive tried this on another pc with xp, no problems at al=
l. I've also tried on my laptop with win 7 and get the same error. Ive done=
a clean install of win 7, there is very little on the pc now. Any ideas at=
all. I'm hoping I've missed something basic when updating vs2005. I've ins=
talled both service packs for vista and win 7.
Regards Robert