Pivot table from Multiple Consolidation Ranges

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Subject: Pivot table from Multiple Consolidation Ranges
Posted by:  Eddy Sjauw (eddy.sja…@dlh.de)
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003

Dear All Excel Experts,

Creating a Pivot Table from 1 data table in 1 worksheet
gives me the Pivot Table the way I want it, meaning as
many Page Fields as I defined them at the top left of the
Pivot Table. These Page Fields represent the column lables
and in the drop-down I can choose the data under that
lable of the respective column.

Now I wish to have precise the same Pivot Table, but this
time from data tables spread over several worksheets,
whereby the format of these data tables are exactly the
same. But now the drop-down of the Page Fields at the top
left of the Pivot Table give the choice to choose the
worksheets in stead of the column lables with the data of
these columns.

My question is how do I create a Pivot Table from several
worksheets as if the data is from one worksheet only. Copy
and paste the data tables from the several worksheet into
1 worksheet is much to troublesome.

Thanks a lot for your help.