Keep Column Information Together--Possible?

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Subject: Keep Column Information Together--Possible?
Posted by:  ND (davis11…
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003

I have information in three columns. The column headings
are Proj #, Proj Name & Proj Desc. I have created a
userform that I would like for the information from these
three columns to automatically fill in. I know that I can
link each column to another worksheet or workbook,
however, I would like to know if it is possible for the
the proj #, proj name & proj desc to stay together for
each respective project.

What I mean is there are 8 projects each with a proj #,
proj name and proj desc. If I select Proj #4 from the
drop down box, is there a way for me to also get the proj
name and proj desc that coincides with proj #4? Is it
possible for me to select TSC5 from the drop down box
and "TSC 5" show up in the Project #, "Pager" show up in
the Project Name and "Alpha vs numeric" show up in the
Project Objective(s)?

Hopefully, this information below helps to clarify what I
am trying to do. Unfortunately, I am not able to post

This is my worksheet of information:
1 TSC1 Telephone Phone Type
2 TSC2 Move Entire group/individual
3 TSC3 Adds New hire
4 TSC4 Changes Promotion
5 TSC5 Pager Alpha vs. numeric
6 TSC6 Cell phone Carrier
7 TSC7 PC Desktop/Laptop
8 TSC8 Conversion Migration Issues

I would like it to go in a form where the cells are lined
up like this:
1 Project #:________ Project Name:_______________________
3 Project Objective(s):_______________________________