how to generate individual reports?

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Subject: how to generate individual reports?
Posted by:  RalphReinbeck (Mattieph…
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003

Hello.  I'm a teacher, and I've got a few spreadsheets
that list grades for my students.  I'd like to generate
individual reports for each student -- that is, instead
of handing out ten spreadsheets, I'd like to hand out one
report to each of ten students with only the appropriate
information on each.

If possible, I'd like to take my grades (listed
horizontally in rows) and put them in a single (or maybe
two) column(s) that read down the individual report.
It'd be nice if the report had the student's name at the
top, and it'd also be nice if I could somehow change my
existing column headings (abbreviated E1, Q1, etc. for
Exam, Quiz) to the actual words Exam, Quiz, etc. when the
report prints.

My data appear in my existing worksheet as

Name | HW1 | ... | Q1 | ... |E1|...

I have searched and browsed on here, but I wasn't sure if
my search words were generating the appropriate results.
I appreciate any help or information that might be out
there -- thanks a lot!