Re: All of my posts got deleted

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Subject: Re: All of my posts got deleted
Posted by:  Anders S (anders_silv…
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003

Something is wrong here today.

Using OE, all day I have been at the most 23 hours behind the Google groups.
I have always been connected to and it usually updates OE in
minutes. I tried, but it made no difference.
A few minutes ago I seemed to be updated but every header I clicked said the
message had been removed from the server.
Changed back to and here I am now.

Hope you get your messages back Chuck,

Anders Silvén

"CLR" <crober…> skrev i meddelandet
> Hi All.......
> Really strange thing.......I got up this morning and noticed that ALL of my
> posts have been deleted from this newsgroup.  There were well over a hundred
> in the last few months and now they are all missing.  The other Newsgroups
> seem fine.  Only on this one are they missing.  Anybody know anything other
> than "they have been having trouble"?    Is this a permanent situation?
> Is anybody else missing posts?
> Hopefully, they will be restored, huh?
> Vaya con Dios,
> Chuck, CABGx3


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All of my posts got deleted posted by CLR on Wed, 1 Oct 2003