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Subject: Re: All of my posts got deleted
Posted by:  Harlan Grove (hrlng…
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2003

"CLR" wrote...
>Really strange thing.......I got up this morning and noticed that ALL of my
>posts have been deleted from this newsgroup.  There were well over a hundred
>in the last few months and now they are all missing.  The other Newsgroups
>seem fine.  Only on this one are they missing.  Anybody know anything other
>than "they have been having trouble"?    Is this a permanent situation?
>Is anybody else missing posts?

Google shows 76 threads in which you've participated from 1-Jul to 30-Sep in
*.misc - 39 in July, 11 in August, and 26 in September. Note: this is threads
count, so if you posted several replies in some threads, your total count would
be higher.

FWIW, most ISP newsservers don't store more than a week or two of posts to any
newsgroup. If you want to see what you've sent, you could e-mail yourself your
posts. Then again, most newsreader software packages store your sent messages,
though not necessarily in threaded form. You probably do have copies of what you
sent. If you want to see them in context, there's always Google.

Never attach files.
Snip unnecessary quoted text.
Never multipost (though crossposting is usually OK).
Don't change subject lines because it corrupts Google newsgroup archives.


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All of my posts got deleted posted by CLR on Wed, 1 Oct 2003