Command: Data, Form

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Subject: Command: Data, Form
Posted by:  David Goldsmith (dgoldsmith_…
Date: 2 Oct 2003

I would like to customize the dialog box associated with this command
such that the empty field entry boxes which result from selecting
"new" are equipped with pull downs whose options are field values
already in that field column.  Here's what I actually want to do: I
manage a tutoring center and need to keep track of who comes in, when
they come in and leave, what class they're coming in for help with,
and the associated instructor.  In order to make later sorting and
other analyses easier, I'd like to reduce the variation in how people
identify themselves when they sign in, and thus have them use a pull
down to select their name if they have signed in before (I'd also
still need the empty field option for first timers).  In addition, I'd
like to have pull downs for the class and instructor entry boxes which
draw from a preset array of choices (the faculty and courses are
essentially fixed), and automatic entry of the "now" function into the
time in time out fields.  Any suggestions?