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Subject: Formula Bar...
Posted by:  Cloaked (CloakedRun20…
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2003

We have a small network with WinXP Pro clients and a W2K server.

We run a small MRP package call XLR8 - based on MS Excel. I have users
using Office XP, and Office 2000.

I have one user using Office 2000 that is having a problem with Excel.
She wants the formula bar "ON" all the time. We know exactly where to
place the check mark, but this does no good. It works at first, but
after a couple of launches, the formula bar disappears again.

She used to run a Windows 2000 Pro Client, and did NOT have this
problem using W2K and O2K, just since she moved to WinXP Pro and O2K.

I have other users using W98 and WinXP O/S and O2K which are not
having this problem.

So on one hand the O/S does not seem to be the issue. OTOH, the
application does not seem to be the issue either! :!

Any ideas what is going on here and how to correct it? This problem is
driving this user crazy because - you guessed it - she uses this
feature extensively to increase her productivity! :(

Any ideas greatfully accepted.