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Subject: Re: Deleteing blank or "zero" cells
Posted by:  Dave Peterson (ec357…
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2003

If there's a huge amount of rows, I like Nikos' answer.

but if there's not too many (experiment to find out what that means!).

You can select your column.
use the dropdown to show only the rows to delete
Delete those visible rows.

Data|filter|autofilter once more to get rid of the autofilter.

Alain Dekker wrote:
> Hi,
> If I paste a long list of numbers that contains several blank cells, or
> cells with a particular value in them (such as "0") that I want to delete,
> how do I remove all these rows and create a new column with only the
> unaffected values (.ie. non-blank, non-zero), without gaps?
> Thanks,
> Alain


Dave Peterson



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Deleteing blank or "zero" cells posted by Alain Dekker on Thu, 2 Oct 2003