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Subject: Print to file
Posted by:  Linda (RomulanQue…@StarfleetHeadquarters.xp)
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003

Hello Everyone,

Using Excel 2000 SP-1.  We have 3 printers we use.  A Lanier laser
multifunction copy/printer, HP Office Jet, and HP 4000 Laser.  When we print
our spreadsheet, it prints fine on the two laser printers.  When we print it
on the office jet, the last row is printed on a second page.  If we check
the box "print to file", how does that work?  In help this is what I found.

If you print a workbook to a file so that you can later print the file on a
different type of printer than the one used to create the document, the page
breaks and font spacing may change.

Is there a way to save the file without having to change the formatting
everytime you use a different printer?