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Subject: Time Calculations / If Statements
Posted by:  Anita Eschenko (aeschen…@calover.com)
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003

I am needing to do a calculation on time results, however,
when my time difference involves results from times of
2400 and greater, my result is inaccurate. See below:
F1    G1
2400  0015  (formula: f1-g1) answer is: 2385, but should
be 15.  2400 is midnight, 0015 is 12:15.  I can't figure
out how to enter formula so I can calculate difference in
late arrivals when it's midnight.  Would an "if"statement
fix this, if so, how do you do that?  Or how do I fix this
problem?  Your help would be  GREATLY APPRECIATED! :)