Printing gridlines

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Subject: Printing gridlines
Posted by:  Dorlaie (golfski.tenb…
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003

I have a Lexmark Z605 and I check gridlines and even
format the cells for gridlines but they do not print.
Microsoft has a knowledge base of the gridlines not
showing on the print preview but still printing , this is
not my problem. The gridlines do not print.
I contacted Lexmark and they suggested to change the
driver to winprint and default type to RAW and to download
the newest driver, neither of these suggestions worked.
They also suggested that I run msconfig under the RUN
program but OS 2K does not have msconfig for me to use. So
I moved all the programs out of the start menu and
rebootted which is the closest I could  get to only
installing windows and that did not work. Now of course
they say it is an Excel problem. Now what?