Accessing Excel files over network

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Subject: Accessing Excel files over network
Posted by:  simon Lee (mistral2…
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003

Hi Guys,

First time here, so go easy on me.

Scenario: Basic Windows 2000 Server based network with
about 20 work stations connections.  Server is a DC and
workstations are all running Windows XP Pro.  Workstations
are also running Office XP.

Users have deposited common files in a folder on the
server.  Because of control measures, these excel folders
and files need to have permissions defined for either full
control of read only access for certain members of the

Eg would be
Folder          Full Control        Read-only
Folder A        Employee 1          Employee 10
                Employee 2          Employee 12
                Employee 3

Folder B        Employee 1          EMployee 2
                Employee 4          Employee 10
                Employee 5

Etc etc..

As you can all see, there are rather specific needs here,
and I have set in the Folder Properties/Security tab to
all full control for E1, E2, E3 for Folder A and read only
for E10 & E12....etc etc, WITHOUT having parent
permissions propagating to Folder A.

Now the situation arises when Employee 1 in Folder A can
open all the files there, yes, BUT some are full control
some are read only?? Why is it so, when all the files
concern fall within the same folder that E1 has full

So herein lies my dilemma... Anyone out there with a
possible explanation and/or resolution to the situation?

Please Help!

Much appreciated!