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Subject: delivery db in vb
Posted by:  jbabb (jba…
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003

I am trying to process home delivery orders in excel.. I
made a page where when I imput the tel. no. of the
client, his information, if exists, is brought to this
screen form a given db, but I am using FOR and NEXT with
a variable to look for the inputed tel no. in the db in
the correspondin column, the variable being the row no.,
once it is found I bring the rest of the info. to the
main page(address, name, etc.)

I cant use vlookup because if the client does not exist
the cells must be filled by hand, in doing so, I would
erase the vlookp formula.

It is working, the problem is that now it takes quite a
while to find a client since my db is bigger now.

Is there a faster command in excel vb to do this? if so,

Please respond to jba…