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Subject: Seach for matches
Posted by:  MPan (May.P…
Date: 7 Oct 2003

Hi everyone!

I've been struggling with a fairly straight forward problem given that
my knowledge of excel functions is relatively limited. I have two
workbooks and would like to check if a value in one is also in the
other. For example, I have two workbooks named Summary and Eligible.
They both have case numbers. I want to check if a Case number in
Summary has a match in the Eligible workbook. If so I want it to
return an "X" otherwise perform another calculation or leave null.

Summary Workbook:                        Eligible Workbook:

Caseno    Eligibility                    Caseno
  1                                        2
  2          X                            4
  3                                        5

I want my formula to go into the field Eligibility. In this case there
is an "X" next to 2 because caseno 2 is in the Eligible workbook. I
tried using the V and H lookups but I don't want it to return another
value from the spreadsheet. I want to define my own if true or if
false results i.e. "X" or another If statement. Hope this isn't too
confusing. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!