Re: Linking a database to excel (Office XP)

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Subject: Re: Linking a database to excel (Office XP)
Posted by:  Kevin (kevin.brenn…
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003

I might be the last person here to give any advise, but if no one answers,
then you may what to use the Data/Import External Data and choose you Access
database and that should bring all the data into excel workbook.You may what
to import the Access database as a ODBC file, you will have to make the
Access Database a ODBC.

Kevin Brenner
"Graeme" <graeme.give…> wrote in message
> I have a access database which has a huge list of items,
> each of which have a code assigned to them.  What I want
> to do is link this dayabase to a excel template that I
> have created so that when I enter the code of a particular
> item, the item is automatically entered into the
> spreadsheet.  I don't know if this is possible, and would
> appreciate any help on this.
> Thanks



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