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Subject: merge cells
Posted by:  herman (herman.valc…
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003

how can i merge the info on a large spread sheet quickly
without having to do this one cell at a time.

I have info in cells A1 thru HH1,A3-HH3,A5-HH5 and so on
I need this info to be merged with the cell directly below

In other words I need cell A1 to be merged with A2,B1 with
B2....A3 with A4,A5 with A6 ....HH5 with HH6 with our
losing the info in the cells,
whats the simpliest and fastest way to do this with out
having to click on cell, hold shift key, down arrow,
merge cell button, right arrow, hold shift key,down arrow
key, merge button  or format painter on completed a merged
cell, right arrow button, click format painter and repeat,
there's got to be an easier way I have cells AB18-HV18 down
to row 256 to do this to  help me i'm getting carpal tunnel
syndrome.  thanks in advance