Zeros in worksheet

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Subject: Zeros in worksheet
Posted by:  DrBryanJ (DrBrya…
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003

I am creating a work book to look at scores of a soccer
tournament. I created a function to look at the scores
and assign points to each team.  This is the function: =IF
(G12="-",0,IF(G12>H12,3,IF(G12=H12,1,0)))  The function
looks at the score of the soccer game and determines the
number of points a team recieves toward their standings
in the tournament.  It should return a value of 3 if Team
g wins the game, a value of 1 if there is a tie and a
value of 0 if team h wins. The first part g12="-" works
fine it returns a value of 0 when no score is entered
yet.  It is the G12>H12 that is the problem.  When I type
a score of 0 - 3 the worksheet chenges the 0 to text form
zero.  When the function looks at the binary values it
sees zero as greater than 1 and returns a value of 3
instead of 0.

I need the cell that I enter the score into to display
the number 0 instead of the text zero.

I thought it was a simple format option, but none of the
number formats seem to help.