Autofilter on Dates problem

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Subject: Autofilter on Dates problem
Posted by:  The Cube (mind-the-g…
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003

Hi all
I have an autofiltered table containing a column of dates with number format
dd/mm/yyyy.  The entries are populated by "pick from list" data validation.

Several of the entries in this column appear as 05/04/2003 and further
research shows that they have numerical value 37716.

If I autofilter on this field setting criteria to:
Equal to: 37716
then all rows disappear ... no matches found.

If I autofilter setting criteria to:
Equal to: 05/04/2003
then the predicted rows reappear.

If I autofilter setting the criteria to:
Greater than or equal to: 37716
Less than or equal to: 37716
then the predicted rows are displayed.
How is this behaviour different from a simple
Equal to: 37716

I need to resolve this as I have a macro that filters on this field by
reference to its numerical value with "Equal to" as the logical operator,
and I cannot understand why it filters out the whole population.