Creating more than 1 line in a cell

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Subject: Creating more than 1 line in a cell
Posted by:  Moanna (stcla…
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003

Is there any way to create more than one line in a cell?
You cannot use the RETURN or TAB keys since they take you
to another cell.

I tried using three cells and then merging into one, but
then it only keeps the information form the uppermost cell
and then deletes the data in the other two cells.

Text-wrapping doesn't work because if the word(s) on the
top line is long enough, then I have to add several spaces
before it will be forced to go down to a second line.

I've tried Excel Help, but it goes to autoformat and none
of the formats are the ones that I want.

Thanks in advance for any help. M