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Subject: Re: Autofilter on Dates problem
Posted by:  Intruder9 (Intruderrul…
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003

Can you not insert an exrtra extra column next to the date column and set it
equal to its neighbor and then format it as general and then hide the
column, use your macro on the new column? You are trying to do 2 different
numbering systems, yes in general format 5/4/2003 does equal 37745 but date
format and general are different! Also my system shows 5/4/2003 as 37745 not
37716 as you state!!
"The Cube" <mind-the-g…> wrote in message
> Hi all
> I have an autofiltered table containing a column of dates with number
> dd/mm/yyyy.  The entries are populated by "pick from list" data
> Several of the entries in this column appear as 05/04/2003 and further
> research shows that they have numerical value 37716.
> If I autofilter on this field setting criteria to:
> Equal to: 37716
> then all rows disappear ... no matches found.
> If I autofilter setting criteria to:
> Equal to: 05/04/2003
> then the predicted rows reappear.
> If I autofilter setting the criteria to:
> Greater than or equal to: 37716
> Less than or equal to: 37716
> then the predicted rows are displayed.
> How is this behaviour different from a simple
> Equal to: 37716
> ?
> I need to resolve this as I have a macro that filters on this field by
> reference to its numerical value with "Equal to" as the logical operator,
> and I cannot understand why it filters out the whole population.
> -Cube


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