Printing Excel Worksheet

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Subject: Printing Excel Worksheet
Posted by:  Jennifer (epicj…
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003

After I have set the print range of what I need to print,
I usually go to page setup to make some printing
adjustment.  Under "Scaling", there's two
selections, "Adjust to" or "Fit to".  I have always
thought that the two selections were an "either or"
selection meaning if I select "Adjust to", I can't
use "Fit to".  Is this correct?  Or does it mean

If I use "Adjust to" 95%, that doesn't affect the "Fit
To", right?

I noticed that if I use Fit to 1 page wide by 1 page
tall, the adjust to will automatically change to a
certain % which I assume was calculated by Excel itself.

I have seen my coworker do the following:
In Fit To, she may use Fit to 1 page wide and 1 page tall
and also change the Adjust to 70%.  Does that work?