Macro to increase data range

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Subject: Macro to increase data range
Posted by:  H.Schurch (aussieha…
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003

Dear Excel Enthusiasts

Unfortunately I have no knowledge of VBA. I would like to create a Command
or Macro button that would add a new row to a range of data, and one button
that would remove a row from a range when it is clicked

I have data in 25 rows at the moment, the populated range starts at cell A3
and the last populated cell is R25.  Cell A25 has a label called "TOTAL". In
that row all the data from row 3 to row 24 is summed up. The number of rows
can change but will never be more than 200. I would like a Macro that would
copy the formulas and formatting of the row above the  "TOTAL" row, copy it,
insert a new row and paste it to the new row.  This way if more rows are
needed I can just increase the data range  with aclick of a button.

The "Remove Macro" should do the opposite.

Any Help is greatly appreciated