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Subject: constant cell
Posted by:  Rhys (cird…
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003

Assume an investment sum.
Assume two columns.
Column A has a list of monetary figures increasing in
value as they go down the column.
Column B is a percentage of the increases the cells in
Column A.

For example Cell A would have value of $5000.00
Cell A2 $5140.00
Cell lA3 $5216 and so on own the column

Cell B1 would show a nil value as it is related to Cell A1
Cell B2 would show a % value of % value of $140.00 as it
related to Cell A1
Cell B3 would show a $216.00 as it related the Cell A1

In other words Cell A1 must be related to all the cells
in Column B.

I want to set the formula in Cell B2 so that when I drag
down the formula it reflects Cell A1 right down the
column.  I have an idea the $ sign or # sign is inserted
somewhere primary cell (B2)

How is this done?