Removing macros from an Excel spreadsheet

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Subject: Removing macros from an Excel spreadsheet
Posted by:  Ross Dentith (ross.denti…
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003

I have an Excel spreadsheet which contains a macro and am trying to
create a simplified version of it without the macro.

I have tried to remove the macro and have resaved the file under a
different filename. My problem is that whenever I try to open the new
file (which no longer has the macro) I still get the "macro warning" box
appearing each time.

I have tried removing the macro in several ways:

i)    Using Tools, Macro, Macros, Delete


ii) also using Alt-F11 to open the VB Editor and then selecting the
Module in the "projects" browser, right clicking and choosing the
"Remove Module" option (without exporting).

Neither method seems to work though, and I can't seem to stop the "macro
warning box" appearing. Obviously I could get around this by switching
off the warning option, but this would then affect all files containing
macros, which I don't want to do.

Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated