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Subject: Re: Excel Date conversions
Posted by:  Jason Morin (jason.mor…
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003

Excel will attempt to recognize a date when you enter it,
but it has its limitations. In your case, you can do a
couple of things:

1) Download and adapt some code from MVP Chip Pearson's
website that when convert your entries automatically:

2) Use formulas already in place to convert the date in
another column. Format your entry cells as text and then
use the formula:


Format the formula column as date.

Atlanta, GA

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>How do I set up a column to automatically convert numbers
>(example - 01012003) into a date format (example -
>01/01/2003).  I tried doing this by format, cells, date -
>then entered the number and the date came up different.



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