Hex Format

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Subject: Hex Format
Posted by:  Dan Olsen (danrolse…@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003

Is there a way to tell a cell in Excel to take the format
of an 8 digit hex number? (ex. ff82dca1)  I want it to
take the format and increment the hex value as I drag the
corner of the cell over multiple cells.  Right now I give
it two cells of hex values (bfff7c04 and bfff7c00) so it
should decrement 4 each cell.  When I drag down it
increments by 4 instead.  I need it to decrement as I go
down the worksheet.  It also just increments the last
number (ex. bfff7c04 bfffc700 bfffc704 ... bfffc100
bfffc104).  What can I do to correctly work with hex