Importing a Text File (Parsing)

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Subject: Importing a Text File (Parsing)
Posted by:  Wally S (iliketolear…
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003

I have a text file that is generated by a computer system
so is not changeable but I want to be able to pull data
off of that form and into MS Excel so I can do some
charting and graphing.

The format looks like the following

Node ID: TEAM1
Date Generated: 11 Oct 03
Group  StatusA  StatusB  Status C  Status D
Red    1        2        3        4
Blue    2        3        4        5
Orange  5        6        7        8

Node ID: TEAM1
Call Rate
FROM      HI      MED    LOW  OTHER
TEAM2    33      109    1221  1
TEAM3    5      789    4000  0
TEAM4    1      23      109  300

I want to automate the process of pulling out the data
such as the Groups and their status's and the Call Rate by
team and priority.  If I can get from the text file to
Excel, I can then get it in to an Access Database.

I think it has something to do with programatically
parsing or something, but really unsure and would
appreciate any assistance.  Please reply to both this
server and to my Email at iliketolearn6@REMOVEALLCAPS

Thanks again

Wally S