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Subject: Re: Macro security warning message
Posted by:  Nick Hodge (nick_hod…
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003


You may have deleted the code, but you need to delete the modules that
contained them too.

Open the VBE (alt+F11), select the modules you wish to delete in the project
explorer and right click them.  Select remove module xxx and answer no to
exporting it.  (Repeat as necessary)

Close the VBE and save the workbook.  (If these were recorded it is all that
is needed.  If code was written it may also reside 'behind' the objects,
Sheets, workbook, etc.  In this case it is only necessary for these to have
the code deleted).

Nick Hodge
Southampton, England

"Jeff Hasty" <jhas…> wrote in message
> When I recorded a macro in my spreadsheet, I began
> getting a message when opening the spreadsheet:  "Macros
> in this workbook are disabled because security is
> high...".  I have deleted all macros, but the message
> persists.  How do I keep security set on high, and get
> rid of this message.  Spreadsheets that have never had a
> macro recorded don't have this message, even with
> security set on high.  I am using Windows XP and Excel
> 2002.



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