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Subject: From To
Posted by:  Steved (steve.d…
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003

Hello from Steved

I would like to start a From and to database in Excel

The Column Heading in A will be From
The Column Heading in B will be to
The Column Heading in C will be Distance

The above will look like
      A            B          C
1  From          To        Distance
2 Middlemore    Downtown    18.4
3 Wiri          Roskill      9.1
4 Hornby        Dallington    5.7 and so on
What I require is  a user  of this database types in  E1
and F1 the formula in G1 will give the answer.
As an example types Wiri in E1 and Roskill in F1 the
formula returns in G1 9.1