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Subject: Calculation & Columns run
Posted by:  GCK (great_ckg…
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003


I've some questions as following :

My PC with Windows 98 SE OS and using Microsoft Office 97
Standard Edition and with Ms Excel 97.

I've the *.xls files and have quite of number sheet are
created. And every sheets are linked to each others.

I've encountered the following problems :

1) i've done my worksheet, and saved and closed. After
that try to re-open the files has been saved previously,
some of the amount of calculation are being changed. After
that, i closed again the file, and try to open on the same
file, the amount of calculation changed again. What is the
problem on it ?

2) After i've adjusted the columns alignment, and saved
the files. After re-open again, the columns alignment run

Please advise as above.

Thanks !