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Posted by:  Steved (steve.d…
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003

Thankyou for your replies it has been very helpful

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>Hello from Steved
>I would like to start a From and to database in Excel
>The Column Heading in A will be From
>The Column Heading in B will be to
>The Column Heading in C will be Distance
>The above will look like
>      A            B          C
>1  From          To        Distance
>2 Middlemore    Downtown    18.4
>3 Wiri          Roskill      9.1
>4 Hornby        Dallington    5.7 and so on
>What I require is  a user  of this database types in  E1
>and F1 the formula in G1 will give the answer.
>As an example types Wiri in E1 and Roskill in F1 the
>formula returns in G1 9.1



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