Time entry at speed

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Subject: Time entry at speed
Posted by:  Tony (curete…@blueyonder.co.uk)
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003

Apologies if this message has come up before, I can't find
my post of yesterday.

I have to enter current time in an Ecell 2000 spreadsheet
cell for a number of events.  These can occur quite close
together so typing them in isn't an option.  I discovered
that CTRL + SHIFT + : (Colon) will enter the current time
but it seems it will only display as hh:mm.  I checked the
cell format and it is set for hh:mm:ss.  When I press
return to move on to the next entry, the hh:mm changes to
hh:mm:00.  In other words, I cannot get it to display the

Can anyone help?  I seem to be close - but not close