Excel 97 Save causes Temporary files to be opened

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Subject: Excel 97 Save causes Temporary files to be opened
Posted by:  Dominic (dominic.smi…@churchill.co.uk)
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003

I have a .XLT file installed on a users pc.
The file was originally created using Excel 2000 but, for
various reasons, we have had to convert this to Excel 97 -
the VBA code has been re-compiled and the file saved as a
The spreadsheet uses VBA code to save and close the
template file which works fine during testing.  However,
on my user' PC, when it tries to save the template a
series of TEMP files are opened.  These files keep opening
and we have got as far as temp17 before using Task manager
to end Excel.
On checking the files directory the template files are not
being deleted as they should be (presumably down to
closing Excel using the Task manager)
My initial thoughts are that it is something to do with a
combination of the save process and the machine speed.  No
other applications are running and they are using a
machine with 64mb of memeory so this shouldn't be a
Despite searching TechNet and various Search Engines I
have yet to find either a problem that matches the one I
descrivbe or a solution.

Does anyone have any idea as to why this should be
happening or offer any sort of solution.

Thank you in advance of your help.