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Subject: start-up side task pane
Posted by:  mason (mace6…
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003

Since installing Adobe Illustrator (it has now been
removed), both Word & Excel keep the "Start-up Side Task
Pane" open whenever I open a new Template.  I want the
task pane to close once the template is open.

Through past posts, I found out that I need to go into
the Registry, and change the DoNotDismissFileNewTaskPane
from (1) to (0).  Once done, Word works fine.  However,
once I open Excel, the Registry automatically changes
back to (1).  Thereafter, the side task pane for both
Word & Excel remain open.

I have also tried uninstalling, and reinstalling Office
XP, but the problem is not fixed.  Any solutions?