Excel - Solve for List of Numbers

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Subject: Excel - Solve for List of Numbers
Posted by:  Brian (blimbe…@stateindustrial.com)
Date: 14 Oct 2003

Good afternoon - I'm stuck with the highly prized role of correcting
someone elses mistakes, which are numerous.  Is it possible that there
is some type of Excel add-in or VBA that could highlight which numbers
in a block of numbers sum to another number?

For example, I have a cell range that contains a block of number eg
A1 - 1
A2 - 20
A3 - 15
A4 - 36
A5 - 47

and I want Excel to highlight or tell me which combination of cells
add up to another number.

For example, if I'd like to solve for 21, I'd like Excel to highligh
cells A1 & A2.  If I'd like to solve for 46, Excel would highlight
cells A1, A2, A3.

Any thoughts?