Finding 0s in Excel 97 and Excel 2002

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Subject: Finding 0s in Excel 97 and Excel 2002
Posted by:  Evi (evwoolTakeThisO…
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003

In Excel 97, if I try to use the Find box to find a 0 that is the result of
a formula (=8-8), it doesn't find it (though it will find 0 that is typed
into a cell or other numbers that are the result of a formula).

In Excel 2002, I can find the 0 by choosing the Value option in the Find box
but if I try to find the same cell using the Find And Replace box (so that I
can replace all those 0s with another number rather than with a formula that
results in 0), the Value option is no longer there and suddenly Excel can no
longer find the 0.

Any ideas what is going on and is there a way I can find my 0s in Excel 97
and replace them in Excel 2002.