Advanced Filters not working

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Subject: Advanced Filters not working
Posted by:  GRAPL (Mattheus…
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003

Any help would be appreciated...

I cannot seem to get Advanced Fileter to work. It keeps
returning all rows in my database list after applying
Advanced Filter.

I'm using Using Excel 2002 and believe I have religeoulsy
followed the instructions under "Filter by using Advanced
Criteria" in the online help.

1) Inserted range called "Criteria" which uses rows $1:$5.
$1 contains the criteria labels - formatted bold & with an
underline border.

2) Inserted range called "Database" which uses cells
Row $7 contains the list labels - formatted bold & with an
underline border.

3) Entered text values in the Criteria cells as shown in
Online help.

Job      Claim

4) Placed cursor in first data cell of the list i.e. $A$8,
and tried to Advanced Filter dialogue using the Filter in
Place option. All list rows are returned and the status
display shows "3564 of 3564 records found". Get the same
result list when filtering to a different location....

Job      Name        Claim              ........
Data starts here

Knowledge base doesn't have any entries that shed any

Thanks in advance for any help.