formating to show quotient and remainder

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Subject: formating to show quotient and remainder
Posted by:  blm (anonymo…
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003

If if am dividing, and want the answer to display as the
quotient and the remainder (not a fraction or decimal) how
can I do this without running multiple formulas and
concatenating them?  For example: I have 70 (seconds) as
my number.  I want to convert this to minutes to be
displayed as 1:10 (or 1.10) - I want the integer 1 and the
remainder of 10 both displayed.  I have managed to do this
by creating a cell to calculate integer (INT), a cell to
calculate remainder (MOD) and then another cell to
concatenate the two previous.  Seems there must be a
better way!