Excel formula cannot refresh result

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Subject: Excel formula cannot refresh result
Posted by:  John Chan (jo…@ms.com.hk)
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003


  I have encountered a problem in Excel. In cell A1, I
type in a number '10'. In cell A2, I enter a
formula '=A1+1' and a number 11 is shown in cell A2. Then
I copy the formula in cell A2 and do paste to cell A3,
A4, ..., A10. Normally, the formula and result from A3 to
A10 should look like
Cell      Formula      Value shown in cell
A3        =A2+1        12
A4        =A3+1        13
A10      =A9+1        19
  Then, I find something wrong after doing paste.
Formula is correct, but the value shown in each cells is
not correct. They are all equal to the value in cell A2.
Cell      Formula    Value shown in cell
A2        =A1+1      11
A3        =A2+1      11
A4        =A3+1      11
A10      =A9+1      11
  Such a strange case!!!. If I select the cell, e.g. A3,
press 'F2' to edit the cell content, then press 'Enter'
key. The value shown in A3 will be refresh and become the
correct value 12. That the same case for A4, A5, ..., A10.

  This case occurs only in one of my computers. Any