Merge - Excel data to Word labels

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Subject: Merge - Excel data to Word labels
Posted by:  Kathy Saleeba (anonymo…
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003

I'm puzzled. I'm doing a mail merge in Word with an Excel
document as my data source.  My Excel document has only
one page (tab) of data, with nearly 400 lines of data.
When I reach the part of my mail merge using the Word
Wizard (I don't care for wizards - would rather do it
myself!) I have a choice of 3 Excel "pages" to choose

I chose the first one, but all the data did not merge
(left about 100 lines of data out).  When I tried to do
it with the second name in the list kpa_address_list$ all
the data successfully merged.

Can someone please tell me the differences in these name
files?  Thank you.