File already open error

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Subject: File already open error
Posted by:  Kathy (
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003

WindowsXP machine.  Office97 installed.

I got a new XP desktop machine and installed some software from my old 98
machine.  Once of which was office 97.  Now I get some errors on my new
machine.  I did the default install.  The error I'm getting for excel is
strange.  It doesn't matter what file I open, It could be a new attachment
in email and I'm opening it for the first time or something I've created and
reopen it.

The error is this:  A document with the name "filename" is already open.
You cannot open two documents with the same name, even if the documents are
in different folders.  To open a second document, either close the document
that's currently open, or rename one of the documents.

I do not have any other documents open on the machine.  I even have done a
find and there is nothing opened or even listed with the same name anywhere
on the machine.

Anyone have any ideas what this error means and how I can get rid of it? I
get a similar error in word also saying the admin is using the file, and
there is no other doc or anything open.

Kathy F