carriage return within a cell?

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Subject: carriage return within a cell?
Posted by:  emasz… (anonymo…
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003

don't know if there is an easier way.. but this is what I
normally do
1. enter your text in word ot notpad.
2. copy the text (could be a couple of carriage returns) -
i.e. select the text and ctrl-C (copy or ctrl-X for cut).
3. move to the excel cell - use the formula bar (edit) and
paste the text (ctrl-v).

hope that's clear enough.. good luck.

>-----Original Message-----
>Been trying to use the shift-enter to get it to give a
line break in a cell
>... but it doesn't work.
>any ideas?
>thanks in advance



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carriage return within a cell? posted by septemous on Thu, 16 Oct 2003