Huge "empty" excel 97 file !!

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Subject: Huge "empty" excel 97 file !!
Posted by:  Nick Fraser (Ni…
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003

I still have files of up to 4MB, after deleting the
contents of a 16MB excel 97 file then saving !!!

(1)If I select the whole worksheet (by clicking on the
blank cell in the top left corner of the worksheet)
(2)then I click on EDIT and then on DELETE.
(3)repeat 1&2 for any other sheets
(4)Then click on FILE, then SAVE AS a new name
Windows explorer shows that the new file can be up to 4MB.

This is very frustrating if I am trying to reduce the size
a file so that it fits onto a floppy disc.
This problem occurs with a number of my excel files.
How can I get rid of this invisable "junk" ? and what
could be causing it?