Hidden columns affect row height

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Subject: Hidden columns affect row height
Posted by:  David Lewis (djlewis-goog…@triadic.com)
Date: 17 Oct 2003

The hidden columns in a spreadsheet are affecting the row height of a
row with a lot of word-wrapped cells.  In other words, if I hide a
column with a "tall" cell (many lines of text) I'd expect the row of
that tall cell to decrease in height.  Instead, the height of the
hidden cell continues to influence the height of the whole row, giving
it  much more height than it needs for the cells that are showing.


        A      B      C
row 1:  x    abc    y

When all three columns are showing, row 1 is tall enough for all three
lines of B1.  When I hide column B, I expect the height of row 1 to
reduce, since it no longer has to display B1.  Bu instead, it retains
its extra height (and looks crummy, of course).

I'm pretty sure this jsut started happening, perhps with the most
recent security update to Win XP Pro.  But maybe my memory is failing.
In any case, it's not very good behavior, and I wonder if there is a
way around it.

Thanks. --David.