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Subject: Re: Unable to open file
Posted by:  Dave Peterson (ec357…
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003

I'm guessing a couple of things could have gone wrong:

#1.  Did you copy the files to a floppy disk and then open them from the
floppy?  It's never a good idea to work directly off a floppy for any of the
MSOffice suite of programs (excel/word/ppt, etc).  Floppies can get corrupted
and make the file inaccessible.

#2.  Did you open the excel file (*.xls) in MSWord and save it as a word file
(with an extension of .xls)?  If yes, then you may be able to get part of your
data back.  Try opening the file in word and copy|paste into a new
worksheet/workbook in excel.

But copy the file to somewhere on your harddrive first.  (It's ok to use the
floppy for transportation between work and home, but not a good idea to use it
directly within office.)

"kierragriff…" wrote:
> I copied some files at work to work on while I was at
> home.  When I opened the file the first time, I was able
> to access them.  The next time I tried to open the file,
> it said" Windows was unable to open this file.  It could
> not find the file, and asked me if I wanted to either
> find the source on the web, or from a list.
> I was able to discover that the file was from a microsoft
> excel spreadsheet.  I do not know how to fix this problem
> so that I can finish my chart.  Please help me; I'm
> desperate.
> Thanking you in advance for your consideration and your
> time.


Dave Peterson



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