Formating formulas in text strings

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Subject: Formating formulas in text strings
Posted by:  Shane (anonymo…
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003

I am trying to write a piece of text in excel and within
the text have references to cells on a stats sheet.
I have been able to that but I am unable to format the

For example:
="Total Spend in FY04 is $"&'Sub Select Stats'!F10&""
which appears like this
Total Spend in FY04 is $11878420.87    
I would like to make this easier to read by applying the
US Dollar Currency Format.
Is this possible as the value is part of a text string.    

I would also like to format % values as they are
appearing as
"% value is 0.0534351145038168"

Appreciate your help.