formula for updating 1 spreadhseet from another

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Subject: formula for updating 1 spreadhseet from another
Posted by:  jason hope
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003

I have two spreadsheets one for "current accounts" and one for "past due accounts". The "current" spreadsheet list all our receivables from this year even if they are still outstanding, the "past due" spreadsheet list only those that are 30 days or more past due. What I currently have to do is if a vendor pays an invoice update the "current" spreadsheet and then if its a past due go an update the "past due spreadhseet". My question: Is there away to automaticly have the "past due" spreadhseet update itself if I enter a payment on the "current" spreadsheet?

Ex layout of current spreadsheet

invoice number        invoice date    amount billed  amount paid      date paid
250.1111                1/1/03                5.00              5.00                7/1/03

layout for "past due" is the same but with the 'amount paid" and "date paid" empty until i manually update

one final thing since i work for a BK law firm I may bill a client 5 times over the course of a few months using the same invoice number so if there is a way to automate this it seems like it would need validation against the invoice number, date, and amount

thanks guys for your help, feel free to email with any suggestions or questions