Is there a better option to VLOOKUP?

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Subject: Is there a better option to VLOOKUP?
Posted by:  Ter (anonymo…
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003

I have a main spreadsheet that currently uses VLOOKUP to
locate data on 12 (month) separate spreadsheets for 115
different people.  There are several variable, such as
name/group/area that are currently included in the
formula.  First - is this most efficient way to do this,
if not can you make a recommendation?  I will also be
shipping a section of the main spreadsheet out to other
people, and want to avoid the  "This workbook contains
links to other data sources" dialogue because they will
not have rights to the data source.  I used to be familiar
with writing Macros in Excel 95, but am new to VBA
All help appreciated.  Thanks