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Subject: nested formula
Posted by:  frances.reeā€¦ (anonymo…
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003

Here is what I am trying to accomplish.  We are
preparing to review the performance of many employees
which are broken down by their peer group (VP, Dir, Mgr,
etc.)  We no longer have access to the software that was
available to us in the past, thus I am pulling together a
manual process via Excel.  We will have a review meeting
with the heads of each dept.  At the start of the meeting
each employee is in the "Not Reviewed" category column.
As we discuss individual employees, they will then be
moved to either "Excellent", "Strong", "Satisfactory"
or "Unsatisfactory".

We will then take a look at the employees in each
category and review them against each other to determine
if they really belong in that category, or if they should
be moved to a different category. Once their final ranking
is determined we can then look at the master chart for the
overall picture of where our employee population ranks.
This is based on a pivot table and chart (already created).

master list cell A55) to the table in the cell range
B2:F25 and return the value of the Category (column $B$1
or $C$1 or $D$1 OR $E$1 OR $F$1) where the employee has
been placed (such as Boy, John = "Excellent")
Category Column Labels are:
B1 = Excellent
C1 = Strong
D1 = Satisfactory
E1 = Unsatisfactory
F1 = Not Reviewd

Lookup values are A55:F150
Table to mach the look up value is B:2F50

I cannot thank you enough for your patience and any help
you can provide.


I really cannot thank you enough for your patience and any
help you can provide.